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Available for sale:  Juvenile axolotls.  All axolotls feeding well on mini blood worms, brine shrimp and mysis shrimp. I have a mix of colors which include leucistic, albino, gold albino, wild type and melanoid. The adoption fee is $15 for a single axolotl or $10 per axolotl for 2 or more. Contact Dave at              (posted 2-17-19)


Available for sale: Rainbow babies, both Brazilian and Columbians. 3 month olds=$50.00, 6 month olds=$60.00, 3 yr old Columbians (3 available)=$75.00, Baby Balls (5 available)=$35.00. Contact Diane at 609-1280 or







To place your ad, please contact FVHC at