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Ball Python

Comes with two tanks (one for habitat, one for feeding). Also included are two under tank heaters, two hides, two lamps,water dish and fake tree.

contact: Brett at



Side Neck Turtle

 A very pretty side neck turtle, about 4 yrs old, 6.5” long. He comes with the 55 gallon tank, all filters, lamps, heater, tank decorations, etc. We also have two smaller tanks to give away, 15 and 25 gallons.

contact: Peter at 



  Painter Turtle

Available for adoption with the setup


Contact: Jackie at



Red Eared Sliders

Mating pair, about 6-7 years old.

Does not come with tank or set up.

Contact: Danielle at

Red Eared Sliders

Two, unknown ages.

Come with tank, but need a basking area

and heat lamp.

Contact: David at

Green Ameiva

Fourteen inches long.

Does not come with setup.

Contact: Stephanie at